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Welcome to «Afina» sauna!

Premium class «Afina» sauna
Best sauna in Chisinau city


We are convinced that You deserve the best conditions for recreation, so we offer you spend your free time visiting our sauna that can provide availability of a large pool with worm water, small pool with cold water and a jacuzzi. Premium class «AFINA» sauna had prepared for you a Finnish steam room, steam room with the effect of chromotherapy, karaoke, excellent cuisine and many other things

Visiting our sauna is as taking a small trip to the ancient times, receiving a lot of pleasant and positive emotions.

Benefits of using «AFINA» sauna:

Soothes the mind

Grants pleasant emotions

Strengthens health

Energizes your body

Rejuvenates the skin

Cleanses your body

A great mood enhancer for the whole week

Stop dreaming! It's time to rest!

Cleanliness and hygiene

Round the clock working! 24/24

Pay by cash or
by credit card

Closed parking for 7 cars

Why do our clients recommend us to there friends and acquaintances?

Variety of pools

One really large pool with worm water, one small pool with cold water in it or jacuzzi – try anything that you desire!

Maximum relaxation

Here you will plunge into a cozy atmosphere that contributes to a complete comfortable relaxation

Modern Finnish steam rooms

We have prepared a classic Finnish steam room and a steam room made of linden with the effect of chromotherapy for you


Sauna for any company size

The size of the sauna area allows accommodating either two persons or even a big company of people!

Birthday organization

If you want to celebrate your birthday in the sauna, We will professionally help you organize a great celebration feast

Excellent customer care

Stylish design, a variety of pools and steam rooms, karaoke, a comfortable atmosphere, polite staff will not leave our guests unsatisfied

What is included in the cost of our service?


Finnish steam room made of linden and Harvia furnace

Different kinds of pools

A specially prepared Jacuzzi with warm water in it


TV, Wi-Fi

2 restrooms with

Closed parking for 7 cars


A comfortable
massage table

High quality Karaoke and
Stereo System

A large and a small banquet areas


Наши цены

Пакет "Утренний"

С 08:00 до 13:00

Минимальный заказ 3 часа

Цена расчитана на 6 персон
300 MDL/час


Каждый дополнительный гость +25 MDL/час

от  525 MDL


Пакет "Дневной"

С 13:00 до 17:00

Минимальный заказ 3 часа

Цена расчитана на 6 персон
350 MDL/час

Каждый дополнительный гость +25 MDL/час

Литровый фрэнч с натуральными травами

от  375 MDL

Стандартая цена

С 17:00 до 8:00

475 MDL/час

Минимальный заказ 3 часа

Цена расчитана на 6 персон

Каждый дополнительный гость
+25 MDL/час

На 5-ый час скидочное предложение  -50 %

При заказе от 6 часов цена обговаривается индивидуально

Для  компаний от 12 персон скидочное предложение обговаривается индивидуально


Additional services for maximum convenience
(at extra charge)

Drinks that we prepared specially for you

Herbal tea: Special offer! 1L 65 MDL = 45 MDL
Tea and coffee
Juice and mineral water
Strong alcohol
Wine and champagne

Alcoholic and nonalcoholic beer

Remember that you don’t necessarily have to buy a whole bottle of drink; instead you may order portionwise: whiskey, tequila, rum, cognac, vodka, martini.


Hungry? Our cuisine offers you great and satisfying dishes!

For example:

Caesar salad

Juicy grilled pork steak with garnish

Home-style potatoes with white onions

Chicken nuggets with tartar sauce

And much more



The health benefits are multiplied by the color therapy. It is able to use light in the form of color to balance "energy" lacking from a person's body, whether it be on physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels.

Utilized colors:
Red light stabilizes mood, invigorates and restores strength and energy, stimulates and increases the action of arterial blood.
Blue light has cooling properties restrains and reduces tension.
Yellow light strengthens, pleases and tones you up.
Green light equilibrates, relaxes, soothes, and improves your well-being.


Bath accessories

 For maximum comfort we provide:

Oaken broom – 85 MDL  65 MDL
Sheets – 20 MDL
Towels – 20 MDL
Flavored oils – 50 MDL
Bathrobes – 100 MDL 60 MDL
Disposable slippers – 20 MDL
Chromosauna – 100MDL per hour

How to find us

Сhisinau.   Botanica.
str. Independentei 6/1  

 + 37368685797

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